Los Alamos firefighters pay a kindness forward

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I received a $100 Smith’s gift card from a local citizen as a thank you for what we do for the community. It was decided to give the gift to someone who needed it more than we do.
I received many great ideas from several personnel and one of them was to give it to the young lady who was hit on I-25 while on her way home from working at Rocky Mountain EMS.
Not only is she an EMT, she  is also a Santa Fe County volunteer firefighter and therefore one of us.
Apparently she has multiple broken bones and a long rehab ahead of her.
The card was meant for firefighters so it will go to one. I will get a card and have as many people sign it as possible. If anyone would like to be more generous, I will gladly take donations for her as well.
Thank you all for your ideas and all your support.
Sean at LAFD
Los Alamos