Los Alamos can foster peace

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

It is our national policy, “peace through strength.” We threaten the countries of the world with our nuclear bombs. 9/11 was a response to our bellicose threats. When the playing field is not level people wrap themselves in high explosives and airplanes.

We have the mightiest war machine the world has ever known. It is called a “defense establishment.” It was during the administration of President Truman that the name of the Department of War was changed to the Department of Defense. In my judgment, that change was one of the most grievous errors in the history of our country. More money is now allotted to our “defense establishment” than is spent similarly by all of the other countries in the world combined.

The generals in the Pentagon, obedient to the civilian leadership, the politicians and the CEOs of the military/industrial complex sent tens of thousands of “our boys” to their deaths in Vietnam. The loss of American lives in the present war now exceeds 4,000. After more than six years our imperial armies are still kicking in doors and doing air strikes wreaking further native deaths and destruction on a poor, suffering country. Is it possible that the civilian leadership, the politicians and the CEOs of the military/industrial complexes of the world will learn and recognize that “peace through strength” is again a failure? Can an agenda of peace by doing good instead of doing ill come about?

Instead of freely giving others bombs and bullets good things could be given. Corporations would benefit making good things to be freely given to the war-torn and hungry countries of the world. Without the obscene expenditures for “defense,” things manufactured only for killing, there could be enough for all. There is wisdom in “always build, never destroy.” There is wisdom in nuclear bomb abolition. There is no need to manufacture useless, unusable “pits.” There is much science to be done to solve the very long-term energy production needs of the world. There needs to be a world reborn, a truly civilized world.

Los Alamos in 1945 conceived the device that begat the Nuclear Age. It is now beyond the time for the wisest in Los Alamos to act politically to bring about a new world, dedicated to the proposition that the alternative to war and “peace through strength” is doing good. Los Alamos’ duty is to the yet unborn everywhere on Earth.

Edward B. Grothus

Los Alamos