Look! Up in the polls!

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By John Pawlak

Dear Editor,

Faster than a speeding pollster. More powerful than a raging caucus. Able to leap tall voting machines in a single bound.Look, up in the sky. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No ... it’s SUPER delegate!Yes, Super Delegate – strange visitor from the planet Demo-Uncratic, who came to the DNC with amazing voting powers far beyond those of us mere mortals. And who, disguised as J. Not Public, mild-mannered egocentric for a great metropolitical system, wages a never ending battle for manipulation and bias.You truly have to love the political system. It pontificates equality, defining itself as the voice of the people, and then establishes a way to circumvent that very purpose. The DNC allows us mere mortals to vote for 3,253 delegates ... the “voice of the people.” But on the sidelines are the superdelegates, cheering for the victor – their victor. Standing at 796 strong, these delegates do not have to vote the will of the people. They vote their own will ... over ours.Do the math. It would be possible for one candidate to win more than 62 percent of the primary votes, and still lose to the other candidate! These 796 superdelegates possess nearly 25 percent of the voting power of the tens of millions of voters who vote at the primaries.And who are these super-voters? Governors. Congressional members. Ex-presidents. DNC members. Friends of friends of friends. As we rush to have our “equal” voices heard at the primaries, these 796 people each speak with a voice just a “little louder” than our own. A single superdelegate’s vote is equivalent to about 10,000 people.The DNC has spent much time and effort pointing out how King George stole the elections by ignoring the popular vote and by discounting votes through other political maneuverings. And then, they themselves establish a system that allows 796 people to account for nearly 20 percent of the total nomination vote.The Republicans agree that this is unfair and proudly point out that they don’t have superdelegates. Oh, but they DO have “Unpledged” delegates, which, like the DNC, account for 20 percent of the overall nomination voting power.Don’t you just love politics?John PawlakLos Alamos