Long wait at the pharmacy

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

Just diagnosed with a more severe case of the flu, I dropped off the prescription at the nearest pharmacy. Although there was nobody in the pharmacy, the sales assistant behind the counter told me, “It’s 20 minutes.”

I didn’t see anybody in front of me, so she explained, “They have left for the wait and we must work on their prescriptions before yours.”

So, I left, too. The second pharmacy had two people at the “pick-up” line and nobody at the “drop-off” counter, where she told me briskly, “Forty-five minutes.” There were at least three additional white-coated people behind their high pharmacy counters in the back, but my complaint about the long wait was to no avail, although I had all the symptoms of my severe flu staring at her.

I’m sure it cannot take a pharmacist more than five minutes to reach for some pre-packaged pills on his shelves, or even to count them out; maybe the typing into his computer takes a few minutes – but surely not 20 or 45!

What happened to customer service? I guess the pharmacies in Los Alamos don’t need to go by these market rules – they have captive customers that can’t go anywhere else quickly. That is so-o-o-o sorry and I think we must not swallow such treatment. I’d be happy to settle for a “five-minute” wait, if they cannot work faster than that.

A pharmacy with the “five minutes” or “no wait” sign in Los Alamos would surely get my business – yours probably too! And, please, let them know if you have better things to do with your 20 or 45 minutes!

Los Alamos