Locals stand out in annual Jemez runs

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Running> Ott, Baron among the winners in the mountain races

By Cody Olivas

Runners from all over the country came to Los Alamos to challenge themselves in Saturday’s Jemez Mountain Trail Races.
The 50-mile, 50-kilometer and 15-mile runs had 508 finishers representing 20 different states and Washington, D.C.
The four corners and neighboring states Texas and Oklahoma were well represented, but runners also came from Illinois, California, Alaska, Montana, Virginia, Kentucky, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, Georgia, Florida, Oregon, Arkansas, Kansas and Michigan to compete on the local trails.
The 15-mile run was the most popular option. The majority of the 252 runners who finished were from New Mexico, including all of the top-25 finishers.
The 175 finishers in the 50-kilometer run and the 81 finishers in the 50-mile run, however, were pretty evenly split among local and out-of-state runners.
Despite some athletes traveling 2,000 miles or more for the races, Los Alamos proved it has some of the top mountain trail runners anywhere.
Erica Baron and Logan Ott led the Los Alamos contingent with first-place finishes.
Baron won the women’s division and finished third overall in the 15-mile race while Ott won the 50-kilometer race.
Baron’s winning time was 2 hours, 2 minutes and 56 seconds, which placed her above 249 other runners.
Ott won the 50K in 5:09.14. After Ott, the next runner, Durango’s Holden Rennaker, finished almost 26 minutes later. Jonah Brown of Missoula, Montana finished third in 5:38:38.
Ott’s time was the seventh-fastest 50K in the event’s history.
Baron, meanwhile, holds the record from when the 15-mile run was a half-marathon (13.1 miles) of 1:48:39 which she set in 2011. Her pace of 8:12-minute miles this year was actually faster than when she set that record.
The other winners included two more runners from New Mexico and two runners from Colorado.
Santa Fe’s Patrick Smyth won the 15-mile run in 1:40:24, finishing 21 minutes ahead of the second-place finisher, Santa Fe’s Jason Schatz.
Albuquerque’s Ruth Senior won the women’s 50K in 5:46:15.
Nick Clark of Fort Collins, Colorado, won the 50-mile race in 8:37:24 while Boulder’s Darcy Piceu won the women’s 50-mile race in 10:32:28.
In the 15-mile run, five of the top-10 and 10 of the top-20 runners were from Los Alamos.
Los Alamos senior Connor Bailey led a big group of current and former Los Alamos cross country team members, as well as other locals, with a fifth-place finish in 2:04:38. He was also the first runner under 20 years old to finish.
Kai Coblentz finished seventh in 2:07:30.
Mike Walker crossed ninth in 2:07:57.
Chris Buntain finished 10th in 2:07:57.
David Parkinson finished 12th in 2:12:11.
Hayden Walker finished 14th in 2:13:49.
Luke Hetrick finished 16th in 2:15:45.
Charles Farrar finished 17th in 2:16:01, which also placed him first among 50-59 year olds.
Mike Engelhart rounded out the top-20 with a time of 2:17:56, which was the second fastest time (behind Baron) among 40-49 year olds.
Also finishing in the top-40 were locals Brando Bao (22nd), Eric Burnside (24th), Grayson Vogel (25th), Ryan Mielke (27th), Thomas Moseley (32nd), Talia Dreicer (33rd), Kyler Parkinson (34th), Max Ryan (35th) and Nathaniel Ortega (37th).
In the 50K, three local joined Ott in the top-20.
Mark Porter finished eighth in 6:10:22.
David Coblentz finished 13th in 6:16:25.
Dylan Harp crossed 16th in 6:30:21.
Rose Nyenhuis led Los Alamos’ women runners, finishing 36th overall, and 13th among the women, in 7:14:31.
Laura Woodroffe, Roxana Candia, Brian Bolser and Ryan Brentenson, Andy Thien and Margaret Wood also finished the 50K in under-8 hours to finish in the top 66.
In the 50-mile run, 81 runners managed to finish the grueling trek. Another 22 runners started the race but did not finish while 21 backed out before the start.
After Clark, the next runner, Salt Lake City’s Ben Lewis, finished second in 9:08:17 while Steamboat Springs’ Devon Olson finished third in 9:28:39.
Clark holds four of top-eight 50-mile runs in the races’ history, including the No. 2 time of 8:07:45. His time this year is No. 8 on the all-time list.
After Piceu in the women’s race, Farmington’s Stephanie Hinds finished second in 12:17:13 while Boulder’s Amy Gordon finished third in 12:30:29.
Cloudcroft’s Matt Preslar was New Mexico’s top finisher, placing fifth in 10:03:47.
Thirteen runners from Los Alamos completed the 50-mile trek and seven of them finished in the top-30.
Hyeongkae Park led the local runners, finishing 10th in 11:09:39.
Sergey Trudolyubov crossed 11th in 11:16:01.
Garth Reader finished 13th in 11:37:13.
Vlad Henzi finished 14th in 11:50:40.
Michal Mocko crossed 23rd in 11:44:58.
Michael Wheat finished 25th in 13:00:02.
Veronika Mocko was the first Los Alamos female to finish. She finished the race in 14:15:50, which was the 11th fastest female time and 41st overall.
Tim White finished 44th in 14:24:47.
Nathan Moody finished 46th in 14:26:03.
Kristen Kern finished 49th in 14:36:50. Devin D Farrell crossed 71st in 15:57:15 while David Bowman ran for 16:33:48 to finish the race 75th.
The races started and finished at the Sheriff’s Posse Lodge on North Mesa.
The athletes then ran on some technical trails around town, including Perimeter and Guaje Ridge, while the 50-mile competitors ran all the way up to Pajarito Mountain and then into the Valle Grande portion of the Valles Caldera National Preserve.