Local woman charged with making false police report

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A 20-year-old Los Alamos woman was charged with making a false police report after being found with her hands bound on the University of New Mexico-Los Alamos campus Wednesday night.

According to a report filed by LAPD officer Adele Girmendonk, the reporting party stated that a female may be tied up in the back of a blue Hyundai in the west campus parking lot or possibly behind the tennis courts. The call came in about 9:10 p.m.

LAPD officer David Boe was also on the call and he continued down the path heading west behind the tennis courts where he found a single female, later identified as Genevieve Salas, sitting by a tree with her feet and hands bound with black electrical tape and her hands were bound in front of her body.

The tape was cut off her body. Salas was then interviewed and Girmendonk searched for the suspect, who was described as a tall Hispanic male wearing a black hooded jacket and a blue baseball cap.

Salas told officers the suspect had run to the west part of the park.

Salas told officers that she was walking from the university to her car and when she reached her vehicle, she said the suspect came “out of nowhere” and threw her over his shoulder.

Salas said the man began to carry her toward the tennis courts. She said she initially yelled for help but no one was in the parking lot. She then stated that suspect told her to be quiet.

Salas then told officers that she threw her cell phone and iPod by a tree as they passed the end of the tennis courts so the suspect would not have access to them. She said the suspect never told her what his intentions were.

Salas said the suspect placed her in a dimly lit area of the tennis court and then bound her hands and feet with electrical tape. Salas then said the suspect dragged her farther to the western area of the park but heard a door slam or people talking which scared him, so he left the area.

Salas then told officers she crawled back to the tree where she had thrown her cell phone and iPod. She said even though her hands were bound she was able to make a call on her phone with the tips of her fingers. She said she called the last person on her call log and she did not call 911 because she was hysterical and thought that a dispatcher would not be able to understand her. Salas said she wanted to talk to a friend, who would call 911 for her.

The Los Alamos Fire Department and medics were called and Salas said the suspect had hit her legs and arms with a blunt object. Salas was then transported to the Los Alamos Medical Center for a medical evaluation. Chaplains were called to speak with Salas as was LAPD detective Paige Early.

Early interviewed Salas’ mother and then Salas. During the interview with Salas, the defendant requested she speak with Early alone. It was at that time she admitted she had made up the entire story.

Salas was told she was free to go but that charges may be pending. Salas was medically cleared and released from Los Alamos Medical Center.

A municipal court summons was then issued to Salas Thursday morning.