Local taxi service gears up for holiday season

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Business > Service was launched a year ago in December

Local business owner Cindy Capelli is best known for her business New Mexico Wine Tours, but few are aware that Capelli also runs a local taxi service that provides a variety of affordable services to the community.
Capelli launched Los Alamos Taxi a year ago this December, as a way to get locals home safe after holiday parties and events. Her main objective was to help limit the number of DWIs and associated accidents in the county, but she also wanted to do her part toward the initiative to provide residents with a night life close to home. Although the county runs the transit buses during the day, there were no transportation services available after 7 p.m. or the weekends. She wanted to fill that void.
She started out slow, gradually adding services and additional vehicles to her fleet. She says the laboratory employees and visitors were the first to catch on. Rather than renting a car, lab visitors would employ her services to travel during their stay, including transportation to and from the airport in Albuquerque. She also began working in tandem with the commuter flight service that operates out of the local airport.
Capelli says that visiting summer students also really enjoyed the taxi service this year. It made it easy to get around an unfamiliar town and provided a safe way to enjoy the local night life.
For those who can no longer drive, Los Alamos Taxi offers a more convenient way to travel to the grocery, doctor appointments, and even shopping outings off the hill; something that is not always easy to coordinate on the local bus systems. She offers non-emergency transportation to and from the local medical facilities and the hospital, even for those who need a ride off the hill to medical appointments in places like Española or Santa Fe.
Groups can make reservations in advance for events like weddings, concerts, and holiday parties.
Capelli says that she is regularly requested to transport groups to concerts at venues like Buffalo Thunder Resort.
And the service is always available for those who need safe pick-up from local venues, as an alternative to a costly ticket, jail time or worse, an accident.
To find out more about what the Los Alamos Taxi Service has to offer or to receive a quote on fares, visit their website at losalamostaxi.com or call 250-8943.