Local scientists to march at Roundhouse on Earth Day

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By Tris DeRoma

Local scientists plan to participate in a March for Science event in Santa Fe at the Roundhouse. The event is scheduled to coincide with Earth Day, April 22. 

“All are encouraged to join with signs about their own reasons for marching for science. The rally will encourage support for and protection of our science-based research and discoveries, and the expo hopes to bring community members and orgs together to celebrate all that science does for us daily,” said local march organizer Cristina Olds, a graphic designer at Olds Creative in Los Alamos. “The goal is to unite in support of science that’s being threatened by the current administration.”

The march is scheduled between 11 a.m.-2 p.m. The event will be on the steps of the Roundhouse, New Mexico’s State Capitol. 

The event is expected to be family friendly, and will also feature booths, exhibits and science-based activities. 

Speakers will include Nina Lanza, a planetary scientist and Mars geologist, scientists and AIDS researcher Bette Korber, climate modeling expert Todd Ringler, community activist Lindsay Conover and Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales.

“We are looking to build community and connections, to show people how science affects them on a personal level,” Olds said. 

Retired scientists also plan to participate. T. Douglas Reilly, a retired scientist with the Los Alamos National Laboratory, said his motivation was the budget priorities the current presidential administration has taken or may take against several federal environmental and science agencies. Reilly, took particular interest in President Donald Trump’s initiative to increase defense funding while cutting funds for clean energy. 

“Put in simple terms, President Trump and his advisors are promoting the tools of war, but not the tools of peace,” Reilly said in his letter to the Los Alamos Monitor.


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Residents who would like to donate their time and/or funds to help pay for safety and liability expenses can do so at the march’s gofundme.com page. Just type in “march for science, Santa Fe” to find the page once you arrive at the site, Olds said.