Local pharmacist to make 7th trip to help in Haiti

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

March is just around the corner and this March, local Pharmacist Dr. Katherine Fry will return to Haiti for her seventh mission trip to heal the sick.

Her most recent trip was in September 2018 with friend Elizabeth Hargreaves.

Their work helped more than 2,500 patients who traveled from distant villages for food, medicine and a chance to improve health for themselves and their children. This time, prior to their arrival, a special education team has traveled in advance to teach villagers hand washing and tooth brushing and provide resources for fresh water.

Many items we take for granted each day, can be donated for Fry to take when she travels or donated anytime through a secure on-line site. The items, simple in nature, are necessary life saving ones, but must be small for her two-bag limit. Unfortunately, not all bags arrive on the other end of the trip, so even the smallest donation of cash or coins is helpful and jars are available at Smith’s Marketplace Pharmacy and the White Rock Smith’s.

The Smith’s Marketplace location would love to see the donations of the following items:

* Eye rewetting drops – generic

* Band-Aids – generic, fabric type

* ACE wraps

* Alcohol prep pads

* Hand sanitizer – 8-10 oz size with pump

*Clorox disinfecting wipes

* Dixie cups (3 oz. size)

* batteries (AA, AAA, 9V)

* Rubber bands (regular size)

The local pharmacist is often supported in her efforts with the donation of time from her fellow employees to cover her shifts at home while she is away.

What causes this wonder woman to continue her personal mission?

“One of the last families we saw was a mom with twin boys, healthy, chubby, 6-month-olds with scabies,” said Fry. “It is very unusual for both babies to be well fed, usually they pick one to feed well since money is so scarce, that was a great note to finish clinic on.”

The team of Haitians and Americans always look forward to seeing the babies and building a bond with patients. While Fry did not see some of the patients from her September visit, she knows that they are often on a four or six month rotation for their medications and may come again on her next visit.