Local orthodontist brings a piece of Hawaii to LA

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Business spotlight > Dr. Devan Vest and Dan Richards offer authentic Hawaiian shave ice

As the hot, dry summer begins to take its hold on Los Alamos, a new icy treat will be available to help residents survive the heat.
Local orthodontist Dr. Devan Vest and his partner Dan Richards recently launched their new business venture Northshore Shave Ice Co. to provide the community with a unique summer treat.
They began the season last week at the White Rock Kite Festival with plans to keep regular hours at Vest’s practice this summer.
The concept for the business came many years earlier as the two were attending a small college and rooming together on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Both Vest and Richards fondly recount visiting the local shave ice vendor, to seek relief from a hot, salty day at the beach.
“We would often spend the day at Waimea Bay and, when sufficiently salt crusted and sun baked, we would head over to Matsumoto’s in Haleiwa for shave ice,” Richards said. It was at this shop that the two hatched the idea of owning their own shave ice business someday.
While visiting Hawaii last year, fond memories of their days in college gave new life to the idea. Just a few months after returning from their vacation, Vest contacted Richards, who now lives in Seattle, about buying a shave ice machine for his office. Vest’s plan went beyond merely providing relief from the heat; the cold treat would also provide relief for his orthodontic patients who suffer from mild pain after adjustments, and give him something to offer them as a reward for reaching milestones. From that point, the project took on a life of its own until they were up and ready for business, just in time for the summer season.
Now, locals will be able to visit their colorful, red truck at events, such as Gordon’s Concerts and local festivals, to get an authentic taste of Hawaii close to home. They had a successful run at their first event last weekend, receiving many compliments on the authenticity and quality of their shave ice — something the two worked hard to recreate. The long lines and customer responses only validated their decision to bring their dream business to life in Los Alamos.
Northshore Shave Ice Co. will begin regular summer hours soon at 3250 Trinity Dr. during the week and will be available at events during the weekends.
To learn more about their upcoming schedule visit them on
Facebook at facebook.com/northshoreshaveice.