Local mom publishes inspirational book

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By Bernadette Lauritzen


Local mom, Deb Church Worley got creative with son Ryan recently, working on an inspirational project that may indeed benefit the masses.

Worley, a former United Church of Los Alamos Reverend, took time off to have children and spend time with her family, which includes; husband Chris, daughter Sarah, son Ryan and son John.

She along with Ryan put crayon to paper and finger to keyboard to create What Does God See, When God looks at Me?

The book explores the learning process young children have when discovering the relationship they can have with God.

“The most exciting thing since it has been in print, is to hear from friends and relatives that they’ve bought the book,”  Worley said.

That reason certainly isn’t because they will be getting rich from the proceeds, but because of what lessons and conversations might arise after reading the story.

“I truly believe in the message of the book, which is that each of us — young or young-at-heart, is intimately and fully known by God, said Worley. “The good, the bad and the ugly parts of us, and that even so, we are God’s Beloved!”

It only took her a few days to write this book, perhaps just two or three, with a few minor modifications and revisions to polish the final product. 

Once she finished her portion, it was 9-year-old Ryan’s turn to get to work, to finish the masterpiece. 

The younger Worley provided approximately 28-30 illustrations to complete the joint effort. 

Worley worked on createspace.com, which allows a budding author to navigate the process of taking a work from idea to print.  

One benefit to our increasing technology is that it makes the accessibility easier for the rest of the world. 

The fruition of the creativity didn’t require a publicist, a handler or being at the whim of someone to decide if your work is worthy for print. 

The website allows anyone to take their history, their idea or their life’s dream, to the next level.

“The more copies of our book in people’s hands, the greater the potential for that message to be spread and, hopefully, allowed to sink it to people’s hearts and minds,” Worley said.

If people have an idea for a book but don’t know where to start she’d say to get writing. 

“Whether you have 15 minutes or an hour to spend, get something down on paper and then let things unfold,” Worley said. “It’s very accessible to beginners, and you can have a self-published book in your hands and available for purchase on Amazon (if you so desire) at no cost to yourself! Go for it!”

The United Church of Los Alamos is a Chamber of Commerce member, who recently celebrated their 65th anniversary. 

The Reverend Worley occasionally fills in for staff members on travel or vacation, delivering the weekly message for a church with the motto, “Where Everyone is Welcome at God’s Table.”