Local lifestyle suits Laurent

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Attorney is pleased that he and his family moved to Los Alamos

By Carol A. Clark

Steve Laurent took a calculated risk leaving the big city in search of a simpler life in Los Alamos. He and wife Anne sought to calm their busy lives and place more focus on family.

Anne accepted a job as the county’s Capital Projects and Facilities director in 2008. Laurent partnered with local attorney Michael Lane to form LA Mesa Law Firm, P.C. attorneys and counselors at 1475 Central Avenue, Suite 125 in the Community Bank Building.

“I’m pleased as punch I decided to make this decision at this point in my life. I would have been up for partner right now and I don’t regret leaving and coming here because I really derive a lot of satisfaction out of our lifestyle here,” Laurent said.

He held a Michigan law license for seven years before he arrived here and has been practicing law for the last year under Lane’s license.

“I worked as a business transaction and real estate attorney for the Miller Johnson firm in Grand Rapids, which was comprised of  100 attorneys. I’m happy to move from a more corporate atmosphere to assisting people in Los Alamos with their daily needs, whether buying or selling homes, drafting wills, acquiring financing, starting businesses or finding creative ways to deal with the financial crisis and housing crunch,” Laurent said. “For me it’s very rewarding and I value my role as an advisor and being trusted to help take care of the important details affecting their lives.”

Lane moved Steve’s admission to the bar before the New Mexico Supreme Court at a Sept. 21 swearing-in ceremony in Albuquerque.

Laurent has found his niche in the local community. He has joined the board of directors of the Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation.

“This affords me the opportunity to give back to the community. I have experience in economic development, financing and construction; some of the issues that are goals in our community such as how do you attract business, how does the county incentivize growth,” Steve said. “Because of having that experience, I feel I can contribute something, so I am happy to serve on the LACDC board.”  

Laurent explained that he has big corporation experience that he’s able to bring to this small community, which helps his clients deal with big banks.

“We try to find win-win solutions and preserve people’s peace of mind. It’s ironic that as lawyers, very little of what we do involves the law but rather helping people find that peace of mind,” he said.

The Fuller Lodge Historic District’s Advisory Board elected Laurent to its  board.

He graduated from Arizona State University, earning a master’s degree in history with a speciality in historic preservation and worked for the State of Arizona Historic Preservation Society as a planner and grants manager.

He also worked as a docent for three years at a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house in Michigan.

He earned his law degree at Michigan State University, where he graduated in the top 10 of his class, served on law review and earned juris prudence book awards in seven of his classes.

Laurent spoke of the importance of recognizing not only the Manhattan Project, but also other aspects of the community’s history.

In addition, Laurent is a history buff. “My first love is history and I enjoy serving with the Fuller Lodge Historic District’s Advisory Board in that we are presently working with the county council to preserve and promote our storied history as well as our current stories,” he said.  

Laurent and Anne have two children, Frances, 6, who is a first grader at Barranca and Maxim, 5, who is in Kindergarten.

The family loves to hike together, Laurent said, adding that the children love all the animals they spot along the trails.

For information about LA Mesa Law, access www.lajuris.com or contact Laurent at 662-7205.