Local aviators spark youth interest in flying

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

This past weekend, local aviators tried to light the spark for local youth, with an interest in flying.
The Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 961, hosted the annual Young Eagle Flight Rally at Los Alamos Municipal Airport.
Many local pilots took youth, between the ages of eight and 17, up for a 20-minute spin, in a variety of aircraft, during the three hour period.
As a parent, it is hard to smile and wave as your lips tremble during lift off. Once aloft, the planes seemed to disappear in the sunlight, as your heart travels outside your body for those 20 minutes. The youth were all smiles upon their return with great stories to share.
Will Fox took one student over Mesa Public Library, her favorite spot to be during the summer.
Another young man hoped to see his house in White Rock.
Programs like this offer youth a chance to experience an opportunity like no other. In many cases, an opportunity some could not afford, especially for families with multiple children.
One pilot commented how he has provided more than 100 Eagle Flights throughout the years. Wouldn’t it be marvelous to know if that sparked a passion that is soaring, all pun intended, today.
So well done, flyboys and thanks for such a neat memory.
This week, Earle Marie Hanson will be working with volunteers from the Los Alamos Duplicate Bridge Club and other volunteers to teach students in third through 12th grade how to play the game.
The sessions are divided into age groups with some classes in Los Alamos and others in White Rock. The best thing is the classes are free and open to those willing to give it a try.
Another benefit is that a simple deck of cards can keep you occupied for hours and able to build intergenerational opportunities at any given moment.
Do you have a skill that you can share with youth to introduce them to something new? Would you like to share it, but need help with the details?
If so, call the Assets In Action or visit the website at AssetsInAction.info. Just fill out the online form to share your spark or call 695-9139 with the details.
The Assets office is happy to help with a location, finding an audience and the publicity to promote the event.
The summer is an excellent time to try something new, even if the planning hasn’t been underway for months, not to fear Assets In Action is here.
Give it a try and see what you have to share and what you might gain in the process.


Bernadette Lauritzen is the Assets coordinator for Los Alamos. The community building program is sponsored by the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board and the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce.