Local artist Kremer featured at Mesa Public Library

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The work of local artist Meg Kremer is being featured at the Los Alamos Mesa Public Library, upstairs gallery.
The “New Work” exhibit is a selection of elegant and evocative drawings and prints from a project that started November of 2011 and was completed this past January.
“The work is the result of a disciplined process producing one or two drawings a day,” Kremer said. The subject of each piece was an arrangement of organic and inorganic material such as dried wild flowers and stems collected along the White Rock canyon rim. Sand dollars and smooth stones were gathered from an Oregon beach. “Some work has a serious feel to it, others are whimsical. Many have a lyrical quality,” she said.
The work is rendered in a predominately square format using a limited color palette; this constraint provided a physical structure for the series.
The mixed media work includes graphite, pen and ink, colored pencil and oil-based ink. “I use these alone or sometimes in combination,” Kremer said, “Line mark making and design are emphasized and much of the work is abstract in form. The challenge of creating work, everyday, over an extended period of time provided a premise and purpose of the series and also reinforced the discipline, the frustration and the joy of working.”
Kremer’s studio space is usually without much clutter and she surrounds herself with a lot of white wall. To select work for this show, she had all of the drawings photographed and printed in black and white on standard card stock.
More than 200 images were hung from a clothesline over the walls and lived with for several weeks. The pieces chosen for the show feature mark making technique and shapes.
Kremer spent her childhood all over the southwest. She also spent her formative years on the east coast and lived in Alaska for 12 years, before returning to New Mexico.
It was her time in Alaska when she decided to pursue becoming an artist.
After moving to New Mexico, she purchased her own press and explored print making.
The results of these explorations are hand pulled monoprints that reflect her interest in the process. She creates a series of work that focus on specific techniques or styles.
Her early work was figurative-based and delved into the relationships of space, form and light. Her current work includes botanical prints, graphic illustrations and reality-based abstractions. She uses oil based etching inks and commercial paper for the majority of her works on paper.
Her studio is based in White Rock where she lives part of the year. The remainder the year she lives in a cabin in the Catskill Mountains of New York, where she paints large, colorful acrylic paintings.
The “New Work” exhibit runs through June 29.