A little shameless self promotion

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By Kirsten Laskey

I’m sorry, but the column this week is about shameless self promotion.

As the month of January has been focusing on the Asset category of support, this week is about supporting the Assets program.

On Feb. 6, many local businesses will open their doors to host an indoor, miniature golf hole to raise funds for Assets In Action.

The project called, the Nineteenth Hole, in reference to the place where golfers stop for lunch after a round of golf, was developed last year and continues again in 2010.

The MainStreet, which sponsors program, hopes to join families, neighbors and friends together for a round of golf and some good times. The $5 greens fees will support local Assets programs like Cookies and Conversation, Change of Heart and even a “senior prom,” on the agenda for this summer.

When the project began in 2009, an end of February date was selected to give local duffers something to do in the off months and a fun, family-friendly event to do together before the spring sports and activities send folks running in a thousand directions.

Much to my dismay, about two weeks before my event, the real golf course opened because the weather was so good. The bad news is the hope of seeing those golfers at my event to practice their short game was a goner.

The event is fun and a whole new way to look at local businesses.

Our local businesses support so many projects that asking them for donations either financially or in the donation of items was even on my mind.

This idea allowed them to showcase their business, some even offering a special of the day to the dynamite duffers and required nothing more than a little space and a great sense of humor.

Last year, we had 18 different locations and for 2010 we have some additional holes on the horizon. While all of the details will come out later, I’d like to encourage the community to consider the event now. You can register online through our link on the Los Alamos Chamber. Our website is www.AssetsInAction.info and again the cost is just $5.

Every entry will have a chance to win prizes and those teams that have both young and senior players will get a bonus chance to win too.

So as the coordinator of the Assets program, I really hope you’ll lend your support to both the Assets program and our little event.

I try not to be biased as the greens keeper, but just the chance to view the hole hosted by White Rock fire station number three will be worth the cost of admission.