A little money goes far

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What could you do with $32.35? You and a friend could go out for a green-chile cheeseburger at the Blue Window, share a desert, and leave a really stingy tip.  
You could get 10 gallons of regular gas (hurry, though, prices are set to go up again next  week.)
How about 40 pounds of gourmet bird seed at Metzgers?
Here’s my favorite investment, $32.35 is almost enough — for two 25-pound bags of sweet potato/herring cat food at Pet Pangaea.  
Or you and the whole community could build a leisure pool.
The leisure pool will be a permanent asset to our town, and it wouldn’t be just for me, or just for you, or just for your birds or cats.  
This pool will be for everybody, from little diapered babies learning to float in the  warm pool, to ADD kids and teens blasting off energy on the slide — all you exhausted, working-full-time parents, think how lovely that would be! — to elders and injureds who need low-impact exercise, or who just want to soothe sore bodies and relax.
The pool will be for everybody. Everybody includes you. For a tax increase of about $21.57 (for a property valued at $200,000, $32.35 for $300,000 or  $53.91 for $500,000, you partner with the community to become co-creator of the pool with the county.
 The county (read that “tax revenues from Bechtel/LANS”) is kicking in  $3.2 million.  I think it’s a great deal, don’t you?

Jody Benson
Los Alamos