A little advice from your elders

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

People running for elected office as well as those voting in upcoming elections may want to listen to the wisdom of elders. During a recent discussion circle at Sombrillo Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, the topic was, “What characteristics do you look for in an elected official?” Those participating in the discussion were senior citizens who have voted in many elections.

The men and women in the group unanimously listed honesty as the key quality. They agreed that it is important to look for a person who is trustworthy and will do what is promised. The group also preferred a person who will do the right (moral) thing, follow the Constitution, and care for the country and the world.

One of the group members urged people to not judge on superficial things like appearance but rather look for strength of character. Remember these words of wisdom when you run for office or vote in an election.