Listening post lends a friendly ear to teens

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The month of March found a new idea coming to life at Los Alamos High School, The Listening Post.
As New Mexico SBA testing springs into action, The Listening Post will be open with a friendly ear as a place to stop by and pick up a snack on the way to or in between testing times.
The times will vary and posters will be displayed around campus to let students know that The Listening Post is “open.”
Listening Post volunteers have all been vetted by the district, fingerprinted for background checks and are available on a short term basis throughout the month.
Listening Post volunteers will have resources including handouts on good nutrition, the additional need for sleep and benefits of a good old fashioned walk, when times are stressful.
Parents and community members are welcome to donate healthy snack options to the prevention office to stock the proverbial shelves, when hunger pangs come to call.
“I thought it would be fun to have a place to go if you need a granola bar, or to gripe,” said Bernadette Lauritzen, LAPS Prevention Specialist. “Sometimes you run out the door in the morning and didn’t remember to eat the most important meal of the day or you just need to vent about math, just kidding.”
Lauritzen reminds families that there is good stress and bad stress and there are simple things families can do to ease the anxiety when it comes to testing.
Reminders like getting to bed a bit earlier, adding a walk after dinner, keeping hydrated and starting out your day with a good breakfast, just to name a few.
“I’d love for families or community members to consider donating fruit snacks, fresh fruit, juice boxes, breakfast bars, pretzels, goldfish or whatever strikes your fancy,” said Lauritzen. “Items do need to be pre-packaged, from the factory, according to rules.
Those wishing to donate items can do so, at the high school’s main office and questions can be directed to 663-3252.