Lindberg's departure is stunning

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I was shocked to hear that Dr. Peter Lindberg had been laid off from the Los Alamos Medical Center where he has worked many years and where he is still doing leading edge work.
I have been living with prostate cancer for nearly 22 years and because of his treatment I am alive and living a good quality life.
I believe that Dr. Lindberg provides leading edge treatment methods that are not available anywhere else in New Mexico.
Now for the rest of the story. In addition to Dr. Lindberg some of the support staff in the Oncology office have also been laid off. Also a number of weeks ago three other doctors were laid off and one doctor was reduced from three days a week to one.
Los Alamos Medical Center owes us an explanation about what is happening to our medical center.
Looking at the facts above one has to wonder if the medical center is in financial difficulties.
Ron Christman
Los Alamos