Lil' Wayne needs to get with it or get lost

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By Sebastian Garcia

Throughout the history of music, artists have always looked for ways to be better than each other in order to achieve musical immortality. 

So far, the 21st Century has seen many rappers boasting in order to make names for themselves. 

No rapper tries to convince himself more of musical greatness than Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. aka Lil’ Wayne. 

After the success of his ninth studio album “The Carter IV,” Weezy tries to continue his momentum with “I Am Not A Human Being II.”

According to music critics around the country, “IANAHB II” was one of the most anticipated albums of 2013. 

Unfortunately, the album does not live up to all of the hype. When you form an image for yourself, it’s hard to break away from that sometimes. Such is the case with Lil’ Wayne.

Weezy’s rap style requires him to rap about money, drugs, sex and little else. 

Rap music as a whole deals with these themes, but the rappers that go far in the game find ways to rap about more than just those clichés.  

The only thing possibly worse than his repeated themes is Weezy’s play on words. 

“The Carter IV” had its embarrassing moments in the song “6 Foot 7 Foot” with lyrics such as, “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna.” 

Continuing with the embarrassment, “IANAHB II” offers horrible rhymes in the song “Beat The S***.” 

“What’s up with your fist game? You’ll catch a hook — fish hang” and  “Knock your head off, you just a rough neck.”

The only good aspects of “IANAHB II” are the beats.

Chock-full of bass and up-tempo jams, one can’t help but forget the foolish rhymes and just groove to the background music.  

If the year was still 2006, this album would be considered one of Weezy’s best. 

However, as we move into the future, the public is attracted to different themes in music, as they search for new sounds.  

The time has come for Weezy to stop beating a dead horse and get new material or leave the game altogether. With new acts like Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill and A$AP Rocky, rising on the rap horizon, elder rapper Weezy has no chance of keeping up with these up-and-coming stars.  

All things considered, “IANAHB II” was a very poor effort from the “greatest rapper alive.” 

If it can be avoided, do not buy the album. 

If you enjoy torture, stream the album over the Internet. 

As with all Weezy’s albums,  “IANAHB II” contains explicit lyrics and content that may not be suited for all audiences.