Lights and driver caution needed at crosswalks

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By The Staff

We are all very saddened by the tragic loss of Logan Collins last week. Pedestrian deaths represent a significant fraction of the traffic fatalities in Los Alamos County. Some time ago one of our own children was nearly struck in the crosswalk near the middle school, the same one where last Wednesday’s accident happened. At another crosswalk at the west end of the golf course, in more than one instance a car has changed lanes, accelerated, and passed me while I stopped for a pedestrian. Both of these crosswalks are dangerous because of the speed of vehicles and the fact that there are no lights at these crosswalks. There is certain to be another pedestrian death at these crosswalks if lights are not installed.

But that will not solve everything. Drivers must anticipate risky situations. Wherever a bus is stopped there will be pedestrians, some of whom may step into the street. When I have slowed down near a stopped bus to avoid the possibility of hitting anyone, drivers behind me have acted very impatient. Is getting home a few seconds sooner worth risking someone else’s life?


Roger Wiens

Los Alamos