Library beefs up teen programs

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Teens and the library … The thought of being considered “a nerdy, library-goer” makes many teens shudder, but what if the programs at the library are actually fun?
The last couple of years, the Los Alamos County Libraries have been building up teen programs. This year it is really taking off.
Library patron Fredrick Briner said, “We get to escape from our home lives and just let loose for a couple of hours.”
“The library is just a fun place to hang out,” said Jaecob Lachas, while playing a video game. “You can escape from home and school problems for a while.”
The library has a program for just about everyone. For example, the Anime Club meets the fourth Thursday of every month. This club includes food, movies and fun. Those who want to check out the action at the library can do so on April 28, when a special TAG, or Teen Advisory Group, meeting will take place. That week also happens to be National Library Week, so there will be even more going on at the library.
Though students admit that there is little room for improvement in the library programs, they have a few suggestions.
Briner and Lachas said if they could make one addition to the library’s array of various programs, they would add video game tournaments.
“But not too often, maybe a couple of times a month,” Briner said.
Another library patron, Travis Dryer, said, “But don’t you want to get any better?”
“Why? I’m already better. In fact, I’m the best,” Briner joked.
 Another thing that they would like to see change about the programs is the frequency.
“The reason that the library programs aren’t popular is because teens don’t come,” Lachas said. “We are the people who decide what is or isn’t cool in our society. If teens don’t go to the library, most people write it off as uncool without even trying it … I want not only all of my friends, (but) everyone to check out the programs at the library. There’s one for everyone.”
Angelina  Manfredi, Head of Youth Services said, “We want teens to know that the library wants to invest in them and the community as a whole ... The place where they have been going since their toddler years can be a big part of their lives.”
For more information on the teen programs, call 662-8258.