Letters to the Editor 9-29-17

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Domenici, Bingaman served as model for

Dear Editor,
Pete Domenici had a daughter who had mental health problems, so he fought for the mentally ill. He helped pass the Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity Act of 2008.

His mother was an undocumented immigrant so he tried to help pass an immigrant bill.

Trump’s meeting with Democrats Pelosi and Schumer about DACA was petty. Pelosi and Schumer were being partisan.

Both sides interpreted the meeting to suit themselves. Until Congress has hearings and discussions with both parties, nothing will be done on immigration.

Domenici worked in the 1990s toward a balanced budget. In 1997, the Senate approved the Balanced Budget Act. In 1998, we had the first balanced federal budget in 30 years.

During the last budget crisis, Domenici suggested that Congress should stop giving sound bites on TV and start working on a budget in a back room.

Domenici and Bingaman served together for 26 years.

They voted along with their parties when it was right to do so.

If it was something that would benefit New Mexico, they always voted together. It’s called being bipartisan.

Until both parties start cooperating together, the do-nothing Congress will continue to get nothing done.

Camille Morrison

Los Alamos