LEtters to the Editor 9-22-17

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Wildlife are not pets

Dear Editor,
I was pretty surprised that LA County is actually contemplating fining folks  for not “securing” their trash bins in a “secure” building? Many residents don’t have a garage or secure building to place their trash bin in? I spoke to one resident who stated, “I guess I’ll have to bring my trash bin into my home.” Ahhh the smell of rotting garbage.

Then there are those folks who actually put out food and water for the bears/wildlife. They are concerned the wildlife is not adequately hydrated or healthy, seriously? These residents are teaching/conditioning wildlife to be dependent, they are not pets. I believe fines should be imposed on these folks before contemplating such a ridiculous proposition.

Dave McClard
Los Alamos
Boy Scouts are a Los
Alamos tradition, active presence

Dear Editor,
The Los Alamos Ranch School began 100 years ago as the dream of Ashley Pond Jr. who envisioned a school where boys who were growing up sickly in polluted eastern cities could come out west, ride horses and recover their health.

He hired A.J. Connell, a forest ranger and Boy Scout leader, to direct the school.

Boy Scout Troop 22 began as the organizing principle of the Los Alamos Ranch School in 1918 and the troop remains an active presence in our community today.

The spirit of service instilled into the Ranch School students is also still evident as last Saturday, Boy Scout Troop 22 turned out en force with assistance from Troop 122 to support the Los Alamos Historical Society’s Annual Gala commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Ranch School.

The scouts re-enacted a Ranch School flag ceremony dressed in period uniforms.

They rode in on horseback, presented the colors and led the Gala attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Over the past several months the scouts were taught riding skills along with caring for horses. Lisa Reader, Dave and Janice Miko, Michael and Melissa Blair and Nancy Ambrosiano generously donated their time, skills and horses to ensure a successful re-enactment.

Also in attendance at the gala were several descendants of Ashley Pond, the daughter of long-time Ranch School headmaster Lawrence Hitchcock, and other relatives and friends of the school staff and students. It was great to have them join in the community events related to the school.

The Los Alamos Historical Society would also like to thank major sponsor TRK Management and The Blue Window Bistro along with the following businesses and individuals who donated auction items: Jeff Segler, ABQ Balloon Fiesta, Rancho de Chimayo Ristorante & Hacienda Rancho de Chimayo, Black Mesa Winery, TRK Management, Los Alamos Canvas Events with Susanne Harrison, the Santa Fe Opera, Cornerstones Community Partnerships, John Ruminer, Sharon Snyder, Georgia Strickfaden, Mike & Kyle Wheeler, the St. James Hotel, Dick Martin, UU Bar Ranch, Villa Philmonte, Anne Greene, Richard Swenson, Irene and David Powell, Bennett’s Fine Jewelry, Shay Burns Kendricks, Paco Martin, and Don Taylor’s Photography.

The money raised at the annual gala helps support the Los Alamos
Historical Society and Museum¹s operating budget for items such as changing exhibits, conservation of historic objects and grounds keeping and maintenance at the Hans Bethe House and Romero Cabin. This year¹s auction also raised money to support a new scholarly study into the role Los Alamos played in the Cold War.

Thank you to everyone who made it a success!

Deb Huling, Gala Committee Chair
Heather McClenahan, Los Alamos Historical Society Executive Director