Letters to the Editor 5-7-17

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Thankful for completed crosswalk project

Dear Editor,
As I was walking the loop in White Rock this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the site preparation for the crosswalk I requested at Rover and Bryce has started.
On June 6, I wrote a letter to Public Works listing all the reasons a crosswalk is needed. A short time later, a Public Works employee stopped by my house and said they agreed with me but site prep would have to be done first.
It never happened and I knew the reason was no money. I wrote to the County Council on April 10 and asked if they could help. I was called by someone in Public Works and told that they were able to allot $30,000 to the project but it could take up to four months to do it. I told him that was fine but if it wasn’t done in four months I would be presenting the County Council with a petition.
I want to thank both the County Council and Public Works for the timely response to something which has been needed for years. Public Works should not have to rob Peter to pay Paul for a crosswalk. If the county doesn’t have the money to fund necessary work to our streets and roads, we are in big trouble. It is a lot cheaper to maintain what we have then to build something new.
Camille Morrison
Los Alamos

Cost of Rec Bond is
outweighed by benefit

Dear Editor,
I read a letter complaining that the bond issue vote is effectively “log-rolling.” The author wanted to have separate votes on each recreational item.
On the one hand, as we learned from the earlier bond vote on the addition to the aquatic center, this amounts only to finding out how many people want that particular additional recreational opportunity. On the other, why should we expect a majority to vote to pay taxes for something we want and they may not?
Although not strictly proportional, the rational solution is to combine items so that if you vote for what I want, I will vote for what you want. The total cost is distributed over all of us who want something. It’s a classic aspect of how a (successful) democracy works.
As to the actual cost: Wake up folks, you’re not (most of you) poor students anymore who have to pinch every penny. This is a very rich county and we can afford to pay for the amenities we want – and not require Uncle Sam to foot the bill further. I recognize that for some the additional cost per year of about the price of a round-trip airfare to Phoenix would be burdensome and respect their choice if they vote against the bond issue. But for the rest of you (and me) this is a minor expense compared to a lot of things we spend our income on.
And we all get something good out of it. Vote yes.
T. Goldman
Los Alamos