Letters to the Editor 5-31-17

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Time to come together and work for good of community

Dear Editor,
Wow! What a couple days Los Alamos has experienced.
I want to first begin by thanking my fellow officers on the Republican Party of Los Alamos Executive Board. As stated in my resignation e-mail, their hard work and diligence was uncanny and lead to great success.
James Chrobocinski was always willing to provide us with whatever we needed. Kelly Benner not only planned our events by herself, but also kept us all in line.
Lisa Shin brought a new energy into the party from national campaign. Jane Gordon could always make us laugh, and make sure we were spending our money wisely. Mary Wilhoit, who graciously filled in whenever we needed her. Finally, Bill McKerely, who could always make us smile and give the best advice.
You all have been amazing, and I truly wish that none of this excitement had happened to our wonderful group. For that, I truly apologize.
I next want to thank Los Alamos for all their support! It has simply amazed me how many of you have reached out to check on me, or provide me encouragement. The outpour has simply made me proud to be a resident of Los Alamos.
My decision to resign came several weeks before the Recreation Bond was decided. I had begun to see how I was missing important party business both state and locally. After much discussion with friends and family, I decided that the party would be better off with an individual who had the time to devote to the party. In addition, I mentally was being stretched too thin, and needed a break.
Although I had reached this decision, I was asked by those on both sides of the Recreation Bond to wait until the voting was over to submit my resignation. So, soon after the polls closed, I sent my e-mail.
Looking back, that might not have been the best idea, but unfortunately hindsight is 20/20. All I can do is move forward.
I do want to clarify that my decision to resign as chair was not based on anything with the Republican Party itself. I have never met such wonderful people as the majority of the members of the party.
At its base, the party welcomes new ideals and backgrounds, and it was an honor to lead them for the short period I did.
Going forward, I don’t want my resignation to be a lighting rod for blaming the local GOP. Despite the national controversy of both parties, our local entities often find many things to agree on, and disagree with many of those in Washington. In fact, the support and opposition to the recent Recreation Bond was bi-partisan.
In closing, I want to again thank everyone for all of your support. I am truly humbled by the comments I read on Facebook, the e-mails I receive, and the text messages I have read. It honestly has brought tears to my eyes.
Now is the time for all of us to come together and start working for the good of our community. I do not intend to stop working to help Los Alamos, however, like any good student knows, sometimes you have to just put down the books and get some sleep.
Thank you Los Alamos! I will see you around.
James Robinson
Los Alamos

Sheriff’s office needs to be kept to bare

Dear Editor,
County Councilor Pete Sheehey has prepared a resolution purporting to “settle the debate” about the Los Alamos County sheriff. He writes that we must respond to the decision last year by voters to keep the vestigial sheriff’s office in our charter, by carving out law enforcement duties for the sheriff’s office, hiring and certifying deputies and staff, handing over the jail, and buying a pickup to pull the sheriff’s horse trailer to meetings of the sheriff’s association.  
Oh, there is a slight oversight in the letter promoting his resolution: he apparently overlooked the part where it gives the sheriff authority to arbitrarily intervene in any police department criminal investigation and take it over.
The charter question vote simply maintained the status quo. There was no language mandating an expansion of the sheriff’s office or the dismantling of the police department.  
We have never actually needed a sheriff. If people want to keep one for parades, fine, but the council ought to exercise its fiduciary duty (the one that says they should spend your money sensibly) and keep the office to the bare minimum, as it always has in the past.  
George Chandler
Los Alamos