Letters to the Editor 5-14-17

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Now is not the time for
unnecessary projects

Dear Editor,
The county is expecting a $1.3 million dollar shortfall this year and this is on top of the uncertainty of what the GRT from the lab will be so now is NOT the time to be asking property owners to fund unnecessary projects that will only cause a greater deficit in the coming years.
Property owners are already having to pay higher property taxes thanks to UNM-LA not being able to manage their own finances. Now they want all of us to pay even more so they can fund useless projects that only benefit the few with no financial benefit to the town as a whole.
The county can’t manage the money they have now! For instance, how many thousands of dollars were wasted on that stupid symbol painted on the street at the intersection of 15th and Central Avenue where you can¹t tell what it is or says. And what happened to the money budgeted to install the HVAC system at the library? The list of wasteful spending in L.A. goes on and on.
Voters need to also consider all the delays, cutbacks, and redesigns that occurred with the “new” community center/club house at the golf course.
Is this going to happen with these new projects as well? We already voted down the “multi-generational pool” once why do we have to vote on it again?
The golf course, the ice rink, and the aquatic center, all have to be subsidized by the county every year running in the thousands of dollars
How much is the county going to have to subsidize these additional facilities to keep them going and how¹s the County going to pay for the maintenance and payroll of employees to operate these new amenities? Raise Property Taxes again, and again, while these “Money Pits” keep draining the county of all its cash?
This county has proven time after time of how poorly it manages the money we give them and I’m sure not about to approve giving them more! The county needs to do some more serious cuts in their operating costs and be smarter about how they spend our tax dollars. They need to fix what we have (golf course, ice rink, etc.) and apply the money left over to our crumbling roads and sidewalks.
You want to attract younger couples to live here in Los Alamos then make it more affordable. More amenities and higher property taxes is NOT going to do that!
The County Council needs to quit asking property owners to shell out more money for ridiculous projects that benefit only the select few. The property owners in this town need to tell the county, “Enough is Enough!” by voting NO on the ballot for this Recreation Bond.
Robert Visel
Los Alamos