Letters to the Editor 4-12-19

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Attacks are a front for lack of ideas

Dear Editor,
Mr. Wright begins with the false comparison of the Hoover administrations break-up of the Bonus Army protest camp with force to FDR’s New Deal policy toward Veterans pension reductions. The bonus certificates that were to be issued to WWI veterans were not part of a Veteran pension and FDR met his own Veteran Bonus Army marchers with equanimity, not tear gas and broken skulls.
This turns into an attack on the supposed dystopian narratives of progressives when the current false dystopian narrative king is President Trump who regaled us with his “American Carnage” apparently caused by illegal immigration, MS-13, and Democrats. This is all leading up to the focus of his attack which is the idea of Universal Basic Income.
This is an idea to address the increasing joblessness theorized to appear because of technology, and that’s what it is; an idea. Idea’s that the Trumpists and GOP don’t have because they are still battling policies that came about in the 1930s: Social Security, 1940’s: development of Pensions, 1950s: beginning of the Civil Rights movement, and the 1960s: Medicare. Somehow this leads to Trump bringing back manufacturing jobs from overseas, which is false, unless Trump is manufacturing more enablers from the few countries that view him as a serious leader. This all ends up with accusing progressives of being Utopian’s creating MAGA debts like the GOP’s latest tax cut. It’s easy to set up straw men to cover for a lack of any ideas that don’t involve getting rid of Obamacare.
Paul D Richardson
Los Alamos

C’YA thanks community for support of
SONIC workers

Dear Editor,
Champions of Youth Ambitions (C’YA) would like to thank the community for the outpouring of love and support for our Sonic Assist program. When snow damaged the awnings of our local Sonic, many employees found themselves instantly out of work.
When Jordan Redmond and the Youth Activity Centers stepped up, it provided a physical location and drop off point for donations. Many community members rallied to donate canned goods and non-perishables for immediate assistance. This allowed us to step in right away.
Donations in the form of coins and checks began to arrive and businesses like Phillip J. Dabney, PC and even Sonic employee, Emily Moulton and family stepped in to help their fellow neighbors. We will never be able to thank everyone, as many donations were anonymous, made at LANB. Many thanks to LANB tellers that were able to allow an immediate path for those wanting to help.

We also worked with Sonic management to provide information for employees of contacts to Workforce Solutions, LA Cares and God’s Pantry at the Christian Church. Many employees, especially part-time are unaware of what resources are available to them. The individuals and families we worked with were grateful that so many people cared for them in a time of need and we thank you.
Executive Director, C’YA