Letters to the Editor 3-29-17

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County plan to build Splash Pad bad idea

I just read in the Daily Post that the Los Alamos County Council is considering building a Splash Pad park in White Rock. My initial response was “Boy the county can’t wait to spend our tax dollars on nonsense once again.”
The worst part of it is that they want to borrow more money to get this project and others done!  It seems to me that we haven’t learned anything from watching our National Government take us, the citizens, into debt that could possibly collapse our economy!  
Do you realize that the Splash Pad area is a bad idea - let me share the reasons why I think it is.
It will only be used a maximum of two months out of the year during hot weather. These type of projects are built in Phoenix and other places where they can be utilized several months out of the year.
The cost of building this park is not worth going into debt for.
It will be built in White Rock which means it will only serve that community for the most part.
Once again, as citizens of Los Alamos/White Rock, we will be stuck with subsidizing maintenance, etc.  
How many children will actually use this facility? People already have an Olympic size swimming pool in Los Alamos (which we have to subsidize out of our tax dollars to maintain) where kids enjoy swimming. There are several community pools as well that can keep kids entertained and cooled off in the summer.  
My final point is this: I did not receive a survey questionnaire asking for my input or opinion. Why not take an official survey sent to our homes to see what we the people want to do with our tax dollars! And that goes for the other projects like an ice skating park. Do something with the one we already have! Use your creative minds to see other alternatives and possibilities. Everyone that I know is watching how they spend their hard-earned money and giving more of our money to the county for such projects is not in our best interest. I strongly advise that you seek our input first!
Martha Jones
Los Alamos

Opposed to new USPS rule for White Rock residents

A U.S. Postal Service Bulletin issued May 23, 2016 states that after July 1, 2017 mail will be delivered in the White Rock residential area only if the address is “White Rock, NM 87547.” The announcement states that this is to “provide efficient and cost effective mail delivery.” I object to the enforced change of my address. The adoption of a third zip code for Los Alamos is reasonable, the change of the name is not! (Santa Fe has eight zip codes.)
Why is it necessary to require a new name?  White Rock is strictly a “bedroom community” as are Barranca Mesa, Western Area, and North Community. I know of no survey of the residents to consider this change.  
According to County Council Chairman David Izraelevitz the county was not consulted in the matter. Who made the decision and why?
Additionally, on-line purchases using a credit or debit card with 87547 require the “White Rock” address.
Does this change fit within our designation as a “City-County” within the laws of New Mexico?
I am proud to be a resident of Los Alamos for 64 years and resided in the White Rock area for 54 years.  
John B. Ramsay
Los Alamos

USPS "Rule" for White Rock Residents

Thank you, John Ramsay, for helping keep this issue in the open.

At this point, I should like to have an opinion from the County Attorney. I do not believe the USPS has any legal authority to change the name of the municipality in which people reside. All of us - whether on The Hill or in White Rock - are residents of Los Alamos. Los Alamos is the only established governmental entity for our place of residence. The USPS cannot change this fact.

I can understand a change of zip code for mail sorting and delivery convenience. However, I cannot understand this attempt by the USPS to change where I live.

If the USPS can manage delivery of mail in New York City to millions by subdividing the area into multiple zip codes (there are over 40 in Manhattan alone) while retaining the city name of New York, NY, then surely the USPS can manage delivery to three zip codes under the proper designation of Los Alamos.

I think the County - and its Attorney - should weigh in.