Letters to Editor

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Road repairs already on track; focus on rec bond


Dear Editor,

When I hear people saying “roads first” in response to the Rec Bond, I’m sympathetic. I also drive down Trinity and despair at the crumbling curbs. 

The thing is, Trinity Drive is a state road it’s NM 502, which continues along East Road. Other roads folks are complaining about are state-owned as well: the Truck Route and the whole stretch of NM 4, from the Y through White Rock and out to Bandelier. Rendija Road to the Sportsmen¹s Club is a forest road. 

If people want these roads fixed, they should appeal to the state, not the county. The Rec Bond has nothing to do with these roads, nor does it have anything to do with eyesores such as Mari-Mac, which is owned by Smith¹s. The county can enforce code violations, but it cannot repair infrastructure it doesn’t own.

I encourage others to call or email the Public Works department for info on infrastructure. 

In addition to the above facts, I learned that there¹s a five-year plan to rebuild the few county roads that need it, with an $18.4 million budget already adopted by the County Council. 

Hopefully this information, as well as clarity on which roads are county and which are state, will settle those questions and concerns so we can focus on the issue at hand: the Rec Bond. 

The citizens of Los Alamos have been asking for these projects for years. Your mail-in ballot will arrive in a few days: vote “yes” on Rec Bond 2017.

Stephanie Nakhleh