Letters to the Editor 12-2-16

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By The Staff

An effortless way to help education

Take the time to vote for the public schools bond in January.  It’s easy and almost effortless.  If your house is anything like mine, there’s a stack of papers on the counter where important things may get lost or overlooked.  Apparently, every college in the country feels the need to send a glossy publication to my home because a high school senior lives here.  When I get my ballot in January, though, I will open it immediately and check the yes boxes, sign and seal it, place a stamp on the envelope and put it in the mailbox right away.  It’s too important to get lost in the shuffle of pictures of impressive buildings and happy students promising a bright future.
It hasn’t been that long ago that my oldest son started kindergarten and now, unbelievably, we’re nearing the end of his school years in Los Alamos.  The buildings have changed along the way with many improvements for which we are extremely grateful.  It’s been amazing to watch the transformation of the high school, middle school and Aspen, and for my kids to reap the benefits of new and remodeled buildings.  One thing that hasn’t changed at all is the team of dedicated teachers, guiding and encouraging my children from beginning to end.  
Wherever my son ends up going to college, he will have had the best start to his schooling that I could possibly have hoped for.  To grow up in a community where education is so important and people support their public schools is a gift he will be able to take with him.  We’re excited about the bright future in front of him, for sure, but it’s the foundation under him that means the most.
Thank you for voting to support our public schools in Los Alamos.
Jenny McCumber
Los Alamos School Board

God loves families—and not just human families

God loves wolf families, too. Recently a Mexican gray wolf was taken from the wild, taken from his family. From public lands no less. Because of people who don’t want to coexist with wolves.
Think how it feels. Imagine being taken from your family. Like being thrown in jail. Or like a dog abandoned at a shelter. Or like an infant left in a hot car. Imagine the feeling of separation. Of loss. Despair. Hopelessness. And all that mattered is gone. Everything that mattered - is gone.
Inflicted by humans who want only two species on public lands, cattle and grass. Some of whom even profess to love their cattle, even while allowing their cattle to be hauled away in a disgusting, cruel mode of transport
To those folks, I recommend that you apologize to God and atone. Realize that God disapproves. Realize that God allows everyone the freedom for a good life. For food, clothing and shelter. For prosperity. For family and friends. For love. And, to coexist with all his creations.
God would say don’t take away those freedoms from others. Not from children. Not from dogs. Not from wolves. God wants all his creations to have these basic freedoms. Realize that He is God, not us.
Again, to those who tore this wolf family apart:  Apologize to God – and atone.
David Forjan