Letters to the Editor 11-4-18

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Sara Scott will serve interests of community

Dear Editor:
I have coached Sara Scott’s children in soccer; I am her neighbor; and I have worked with her in LANL’s Russian programs. Sara is approachable, inclusive and makes decisions based on a carefully considered consensus of all stakeholders. She has lived, worked, built friendships, recreated, and raised a family here over the past 30 years. She loves this community and will serve the interests and well-being of its residents. 
Join me in supporting Sara Scott for the Los Alamos County Council. Here are others that I know support Sara as well: Laura and Roy Bohn, Laura and Ed Kober, Thomas Bowles, Steve Russell, Margo and Steve Batha, Laura and Andy Wolfsberg, Ann Cernicek, Mary K Cernicek, Morrie Pongratz, Don Cobb, John and Sarah Gustafson, Steve Buelow, Craig Martin and June Fabryka-Martin, Denny Erickson, Judith McKenzie, Laura Loy, Ed Garcia, Doug Reilly, Bill Wadt and Ann McLaughlin, Susie Schillaci, Norm Schroeder, Barb Smith, Pat Walls, Allen Pratt, Dave Schiferl, Joe Granville, Nan and Jeff Sauer, Amy Birnbaum, Karyl Ann Armbruster, Lynn Strauss, Felicia Orth, Susan and Warren Oldham, Sue Newman, Laura Smilowitz, Erika Leibrecht, Benjamin Warner, Ellen McBee, John Berg, and Brian Scott.
Molly Cernicek
Los Alamos

Chandler committed to District 43

Dear Editor:
Over the many years that I’ve known Chris Chandler, sometimes we’ve agreed on issues; sometimes we haven’t.  Regardless of the our viewpoint on the any issue, she has always been willing to listen and actively seek other points of view.  
Also, through her extensive public service, Chris has gained the skills and experience that are absolutely essential to serve in the legislature and be an excellent state representative for our district.
There are many attributes I look for in a leader. Among them are to first have an open mind, seek broad input and different points of view, then using that information form a vision and plan, be able to articulate that vision and plan to gain support and, finally, be able to implement and have follow through.
Chris has these attributes. Attributes that are critical to successfully serve in the state legislature. This is why I’ve voted for Christine Chandler as our District 43 state representative and I urge my fellow citizens to do the same.
Ken Milder
Los Alamos

Vote Republican to keep America free

Dear Editor,
Vote Republican on Nov. 6 to keep America free because today’s “Democrat” party has been taken over by leftists who engage in synchronized “talking points,” chanting and totalitarian big lie tactics, stalking, harassing and doxing their opponents, and enforcing party discipline and party-line voting.  
This “Democrat” party cheated in the last Presidential elections by disclosing debate questions beforehand to the “Democrat” candidate, by using the FBI and the DOJ to spy on the Republican candidate and by creating false documents to defame the winner after the election.  
The “Democrats” have forgotten about “innocent until proven guilty” and are putting our freedoms at risk, so a Republican victory over the “Democrats” is the real road to the preservation of your freedoms in this election.
Vote for Mick Rich for senator!! Better yet, vote for the entire Republican ticket!!!
Woody Watrous
Los Alamos

I support re-election of Kirk

Dear Editor,
I urge Los Alamos voters to re-elect Alan Kirk as our municipal judge.
I do so believing Judge Kirk is the best candidate for this position considering his extensive judicial experience and his well-earned reputation as a community builder. I also appreciate his deep commitment to safe communities demonstrated over a professional lifetime.
We are fortunate in Los Alamos to have had the criminal judicial services of Judge Kirk during the past four decades. For some 20 years, Alan served us as a member of the Los Alamos Police Department, initially as a young officer and later as our Chief of Police. During his time as Police Chief, I had occasion as a Laboratory official to call on LAPD for assistance when our affairs extended into the community. These requests were always met with a “what can we do to help” attitude, professional competence and respect for protocol, all of which are Kirk trademarks. During the most recent two decades, Judge Kirk has served with distinction as our Municipal Judge. As a measure of competence and professional respect, not only for our judge but also for Los Alamos as a progressive community, Judge Kirk is highly regarded in New Mexico. Such distinctions include New Mexico Supreme Court appointments to the Chief Judges Council and the State Judicial Information Oversight Board, and a governor appointment to the Juvenile Justice Advisory Council for CYFD (Child, Youth and Families Department). Judge Kirk also chaired the New Mexico Municipal Court Judges Association and is a past president of the New Mexico Police Chiefs Association.    
We are just as fortunate for Alan Kirk’s community services with their emphasis on youth, leadership and families. As a pioneering founder of the Los Alamos Juvenile Justice Advisory Board (JJAB), Judge Kirk served as JJAB chair for more than 16 years. As complementary contributions, he developed our Teen Court program and implemented a community service program to assist the Teen Court and Adult Probation. Significant in his advocacy for youth, Kirk worked tirelessly over decades for a dedicated Los Alamos Teen Center. His efforts and those of others were recently realized with the repurposing of the Community Center overlooking Ashley Pond. As a graduate of Leadership New Mexico, Kirk helped form and chair Leadership Los Alamos. And yet another contribution was his committee service in founding the Family Strengths Network in Los Alamos.      
In conclusion, I strongly encourage the voters of Los Alamos to return Alan Kirk as our Municipal Judge. Alan is not only an accomplished and respected judge, but is an equally productive member of our community who cares.
Denny Erickson
Los Alamos

Lisa Shin knows what she is talking about

Dear Editor,
Lisa Shin is right on point insofar as problems or support out of a community base is concerned. The only way a parent can make a difference in statewide school policy is through an appointed education secretary appointed by the governor. If you want to talk to the Secretary, good luck. I tried several times to no avail.
Prior to Gov. Bill Richardson’s school policy, the governance was in the hands of an elected school board that was made up of citizens from nine school board districts. The board members were your neighbors that you could talk to. You voted for them.
Bill Richardson formed a strong central government in a state that historically had a strong local government governance, including in the school boards in the communities. So the governor abolished the state school board and placed all public schools under, as Lisa Shin called it, a czar. Believe me it is a czar. Former Secretary of Education, Hannah Skandara was an absolute dictator and was in total control. She gave a lot of trouble to teachers and local school boards. I have never heard of a parent who has talked to her.
To see what the law on the books looks like use your internet search engine, google, etc., and bring up New Mexico statutes, Chapter 22, and education secretary plus a real whizzer. The New Mexico education commission. This is an elected body that is totally emasculated and disemboweled insofar as having any real value in the public education system. It is an elected commission that is only advisory. I can hear the bill drafters giggling as they drafted the duties of this one. It is meant to do essentially nothing, look it up.
What we need is a complete repeal of the Richardson legislation and reinstatement of the prior statutes. The early laws had worked well and the citizen were in the loop. Many a retired school teacher served on the old state school board with all their years of experience and potential for putting it to use.
Lisa Shin is no ideologue. She knows what she is talking about.
Vernon Kerr
Former 16 year member of the New Mexico House of
White Rock