Letters to the Editor 10-11-17

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Today’s Republican Party is unfit to govern

Dear Editor,

The biased, deceptive science-teaching standards proposed by the Martinez administration are the latest evidence that today’s Republican Party is unfit to govern.

Science is the systematic investigation of the physical world in which we live. It seeks to accurately describe and quantify physical phenomena and to propose models and theories that will allow us to make future predictions.

It is a continuing endeavor in which theories and models are tested, modified or abandoned to reflect new observations and experimental results.

Although no human undertaking is infallible, science is inherently self-correcting.

When we reject science, we reject reality and we lose the ability to make rational, information-based decisions for ourselves, our families, our nation and the future of humanity.

Unfortunately, due to religious/regional cultures, our ineffectual educational system, special interest groups, and ignorant/corrupt politicians, the U.S. is one of the most science-illiterate societies in the developed world.

Whereas many take pride in proclaiming that the U.S. is an “exceptional nation,” a nation that makes decisions based illusion or disinformation, rather than reality, cannot survive.

Today’s Republican Party is notorious for suppressing science and evidence that is inconsistent with its political philosophy.

Since 1996, it has successfully fought to prevent the Centers for Disease Control from conducting research pertaining to gun violence in America, it proclaims that climate change science is a hoax, it rejects Congressional Budget Office analyses that contradict its political claims, it seeks to teach only pseudoscience and history that reinforce its political/cultural whims, as exemplified by the Martinez administration.

Not only have President Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress rejected climate science, but they are suppressing climate change information. Their policy changes will only accelerate and exacerbate the untoward effects of climate change.

As a retired scientist and a life-long learner, I urge all scientists and reality-based individuals, especially Republicans, to speak out and renounce the current Republican Party’s irresponsible rejection of science and analyses.

We cannot evaluate problems and develop effective solutions, if – based on ignorance or an absence of integrity – we pretend that the problems do not exist.

The future of our progeny and all of humanity is too important.

Joe D’Anna
White Rock

Open house event a success

Dear Editor,

All of the staff and volunteers here at New Mexico Wildlife Center want to thank the Los Alamos community for their support this past weekend during our Open House event!

We were deeply moved by the incredible turnout and the tremendous generosity of our visitors.

As a non-profit organization, we rely upon donations and grants to care for our wildlife patients and to provide wildlife and science education programs for students; we can’t say ‘thank you’ enough to all of our friends for showing support for what we do.

Special thanks to the Los Alamos Monitor as well, for a wonderful photo and piece in the paper last Friday; thanks for supporting local organizations!

We look forward to many more years serving wildlife and our local communities!

Melissa H. Moore
New Mexico Wildlife Center
Executive Director