Letters to the Editor 1-12-18

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Contrast between Sunday columns are amusing,

Dear Editor,
The contrast between the two columns and one letter on the Los Alamos Monitor Sunday Editorial page was both amusing and disturbing.
As usual, John Bartlit presented an even-handed/minded analysis of the football-and-the-flag controversy, recognizing that the breadth of responses is a testament to the vitality of our democracy. My own thinking had been limited to: “Standing shows respect while kneeling shows obeisance or committed fealty – the latter choice of action doesn’t seem to match with the stated purpose for it.”
Meanwhile, Paul Gessing continued to display what appears as barely-thinking partisanship against anything Democratic despite acknowledging that it was a Democratic governor who lowered income taxes – too much for stable state funding, as subsequent events have demonstrated.
I still consider it a miracle that the State Permanent Fund maintains a legacy for indefinite generations of New Mexicans rather than being siphoned off to immediate political needs. (And by the way, doubling the gas tax would not be a tax increase – it would only restore the purchasing power of the tax to about the level of almost 30 years ago.)
Finally, and most disturbingly, Greg White displays either the fact that he has never had a car loan or mortgage or that if he has, he completely fails to understand the analogy to revenue bond financing of projects needed or wanted now.
It does remain unfortunate that Los Alamos’ earliest residents refused to tax themselves at rates that would account for needed infrastructure maintenance rather than leaving implicit debts that we must now pay.
Terry Goldman
Los Alamos