Letters 12-22-10

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Thanks for a successful fair

The hard work of many dedicated volunteers resulted in a successful Northern New Mexico Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair. In addition to the Los Alamos Arts Council, the fair benefited from the efforts of RSVP members who posted flyers around Los Alamos before the fair and the Fabulous 50s Café that provided the food and beverages for the event.
As always, a big thank you goes to our board members and volunteers who spent many hours in preparation, as well as time staffing the fair. We are grateful for all of the people in the community who attended the fair, making purchases from the artists. The Arts Council appreciates your support.
Thank you all! See you at the Spring Arts and Crafts Fair in May.
Marlane Hamilton
Executive Director
Los Alamos Arts Council

Family needs help

A few months ago, 10-year-old Jasmine was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. This happy, healthy, easy-to-get-along-with child has experienced a life-changing series of events because of her illness.  
The condition is preventing her bone marrow from making the red blood cells, white blood cells and the platelets her body needs. Jasmine’s simple life is suddenly controlled and managed by low energy levels, life-giving blood transfusions and pediatric doctors.
While the outlook may seem grim, there is hope for Jasmine because her 11-year-old sister and best friend, Catherine, is a match to give Jasmine the bone marrow transplant she needs to save her life.
The bond between Jasmine and Catherine is so strong that neither one is quite comfortable without the other.  
Recently, Catherine was told that she may not be a suitable donor for her sister, which was somewhat devastating.  She could care less that she is going to have a horse needle poked through her back in six places. Catherine’s only concern now is how she can help her sister.  
This 10-year-old child is one of the most well-adjusted and kind people around. She likes to do her homework and get to school on time and does not like to cause trouble.  Jasmine is usually happy and sweet, although being a normal kid, she’s also known for an occasional pout.
She loves animals and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.  Her favorite movies are about animal adventures.
Last year, Jasmine enjoyed being a cheerleader.  As a fourth grade student, she was looking forward to playing basketball and cheerleading, until she became ill.  
She enjoys the family dogs, loves to spend time with her eight-month-old niece and prefers to stay home with mom rather than be away for long without her. Jasmine is content with just a few things.
Those buying gifts for her birthday or Christmas have a hard time shopping for Jasmine because she never says she wants anything in particular. Instead, she insists that she wants nothing.  She’s content with what she has.  
We’ve seen Jasmine work hard for about 40 minutes to climb to the top of a skateboard ramp. While her older siblings gave up, she continued her efforts and achieved the goal she had set for herself.  I was amazed by the physical tenacity she showed that day.  
Today, Jasmine has a different and more challenging goal — to beat aplastic anemia.  
Jasmine’s mother is a single parent and has been unable to work for the past few months. She has devoted her time to caring for Jasmine. Jasmine will continue to need her care and time.
Her recovery from the bone marrow transplant may last another year. Donations to assist Jasmine’s family can be made to the Jasmine Watrin Medical Fund at Los Alamos National Bank or Zia Credit Union.   

Michael Seivold
Mary Salazar