A letter of support

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Several ads list Jim Hall’s experiences. It wrongly assumes that a man 31 years older than his opponent would be a better qualified legislator.   In fact, the N.M .Legislature was set up as a citizen’s legislature.  The intent was for people from all walks of life and occupations to represent our diverse population. Stephanie Garcia Richard is intelligent, already respected in the legislature, endorsed by both U.S. Senators, several current legislators, and came within 190 votes of unseating 20-year incumbent Wallace in 2010.
Following Hall’s logic, we should not hire young teachers, doctors, or scientists because they cannot do the job.  I want someone representing District 43 for 20-30 years as Jeannette Wallace did.  I want someone representing working people.  I want a representative who will use new ideas to help solve our state’s modern issues. I want Stephanie Garcia Richard to represent me.

Karyl Ann Armbruster
Los Alamos

Ms. Richard is an outstanding citizen

Great letter. Ms. Richard will vote to protect our high education standards in Los Alamos. She is a schoolteacher who understands the details in proposed plans for NM. This is one of the most important problems facing the rest of our state. We need to vote for the candidate based on how they will vote in the future, not how many committees they have been on in the past.