Letter: Students should have heard the president's speech

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By The Staff

This is in reference to the Monitor story of Sept. 11 about the president’s speech.

One of the finest school systems in the country in one of the leading scientific communities found it impossible for its students to join the rest of the nation’s schoolchildren in listening to President Obama’s back-to-school address. Amazing!

Besides stated technical problems, it was said that the children would have been “distracted” by the message since they started school a month earlier, although hearing it the next week would apparently not cause the same problem. Although the contents of the president’s message are well known by now, parents would have a chance to “preview” it in case, I assume, there may be a hidden subversive message in his words urging students to stay in school, work hard and take responsibility for their lives.

What a sad state of affairs!

Margaret Blewett

Los Alamos