Letter: KRSN has been there for us

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By The Staff

KRSN has long been the voice of Los Alamos. It voices opinions, provides entertainment, brings us our football and basketball games, keeps the community in tune with itself, and most important it serves as a life line in times of emergency.

For example, in the 50s, a little girl was lost in the woods after dark and patrols were everywhere looking for her. KRSN followed the search and when she was found, KRSN reported the good news and warned the community that the fire stations would sound their sirens to bring in all the patrols.

On another night in the early 50s, we had quite an earthquake and it set off the sirens in the fire stations. Since these sirens were also used to warn of a possible attack or other disaster, people were kept from panic when KRSN told everyone the sirens had gone off because of the earthquake.

Once during a practice evacuation (our evacuation

point was Alamosa, Colorado) the radio station served to help us out of town smoothly. This procedure was used again in the Cerro Grande fire only this time it was for real.

It is hard to believe that citizens of this community are standing in the way of helping our radio station survive. For the first time in years, the station is winning awards, improving its format and again becoming “the voice of Los Alamos.”

If KRSN must move, the community or the lab should give them land to build on. KRSN is important to the community.

In addition, David Sutton grew up in this community. He knows and understands the town.

It is time for us to help this community service and life line. “In the best of times and in the worst of times,” KRSN has come through for us.

We need to come through for the Suttons and for the community.

Jennifer Reglien