Letter to the Editor 12-10-17

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Statement was changed

Dear Editor,
Let’s get facts straight. Mr. Richardson recently totally changed my statements at the school board meeting and in my last letter to the editor. Please see the minutes of the School Board meeting, or better watch it on video, as well as read my letter in the Nov. 19 edition of the LA Monitor to see I fiercely defended the children.
I find it detestable that someone would deliberately use children to misrepresent in order to advance their own political agenda. This includes the school board, teachers and parents who pass resolutions stating what is already protected by federal law rather than address the repeatedly stated reason for the resolution which is bullying!
Each school board members’ comments and letter to the editor have given one reason for the need for a resolution, that Latino and Hispanic students are being repeatedly targeted for bullying by apparently white students calling them names and threatening them with deportation. Why is this bullying not being addressed? Why are our children not being taught to respect others? Why are they not disciplined or suspended for bullying?
Every child and teenager deserves to have an education AND to feel SAFE while getting it !!! I was bullied in elementary and middle school so I know first hand what it’s like.
That said.
Why does the School Board refuse to answer legitimate questions in light of the recent revelation that a Los Alamos student who does not live in our district and was found guilty of making terroristic threats against teachers and a principal and now enjoys a private education at school district headquarters? I have no idea what color or ethnic background this student is, and it does not matter. Just as bullying an adult is a crime so too bullying another student should be a crime. The LA council has the power to make it one.
It literally takes an accountant to understand the school funding formula but it boils down to except for funds from the Feds from mining revenues, Los Alamos residents, as the richest county in the state by far, help subsidize through sales tax, income tax and other levies, all the other school districts. And it is mostly  local tax levies that pay for school facilities. Therefore it is legitimate to ask and is not racist nor anti-immigrant, why are we bringing in and educating students from other counties who have their own school districts, and who is paying for it?
Perhaps it’s time the school board realizes it is answerable to all Los Alamos residents! We all get to vote for them not just teachers or parents. Perhaps Mr. Richardson, instead of complaining, would put his money where his mouth is and start a private charter school to educate students from other counties, which a legislative state audit found the formula supplies each school district with the same amount of money per student per individual need.
Greg White
Los Alamos