Letter to the Editor 06-14-12

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Since Los Alamos is the most affluent community in northern NM, and we are one of the counties with the most millionaires in the country and have the premier Laboratory in the country, and our county council is spending money like it’s going out of style, why is there an outhouse at the North Mesa picnic grounds instead of modern, inside bathroom facilities?
I was outraged and disgusted to find this out quite by accident while walking my dog this past weekend. We clean up after our dog in this county yet we have an outhouse for public use?
 This should be intolerable to any citizen in Los Alamos County! Certainly there is a sufficient water source and sewer lines close enough to put inside bathrooms there.
A playground is in the process of being put there, it is right next door to Hawks Landing and across the street from the middle school and there are inside bathrooms at the soccer fields half mile away on San Ildefonso.
The openings are large enough that a child or even a small adult could fall in if they lost their footing, let alone the fact that the smell is horrible and it has to pose a health issue!
Tourists to our community use that picnic area grounds and that is a poor representation of our modern community.
Why is it that a new county building downtown takes precidence over a simple modern convenience as an indoor bathroom for public use? Perhaps the Los Alamos Monitor can find a suitable answer to this stinky problem.
Martha McKinney
Los Alamos