Let’s use our heads about Trinity

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By Joel M. Williams

Dear Editor,

Route 502 is a state highway, upgraded to feed the lab, not the town! Two lanes each way divide at the Y into lanes dumping into LA or exiting from LA at 50mph. During rush-hour almost all of these bumper-to-bumper cars are going to or from the lab - somewhere besides the LA townsite.

So, the main (90-plus percent?) users of 502 during these periods are not local residents.

LANL developed a computer model of traffic about 20 years ago based on water flow. Using simple math, however, dictates that going from 50 mph to 35 mph requires that the road be 1.4 times bigger. Of course, lights slow that 35mph and the road needs to be bigger and roads are integers.

Solutions: make a 50 mph express lane on Trinity to Diamond with side roads for the locals OR dual lanes each way. Of course, whatever is done must conform to the required regulatory specifications. But the county can give up state and federal funding and do as they wish.

With all the emphasis on trails and walking in LA county, I recommend giving the cars and commuters a break. They cannot drive on those foot paths and 502 is not scenic heaven! As far as circles are concerned, think Diamond! (As in the response to circles on Diamond Drive!) Why do we keep hear “circles?” Designers must be trying to return to the pre-50s!

With regard to speeding on 502: let electronics take on the task.

Pulse the traffic as is done to notify the driver in some spots now.

If the traffic is moving over 4 mph above the posted, then just have the traffic signal go red. Let the drivers sit a looooong spell and ponder whether breaking the speed limit is worth sitting at every light and slowing their return home. Post red-light detectors for the delinquents. Collect revenues - make money - build more walks elsewhere! Just don’t create grief for our neighbors coming through town to make a living at the place that feeds all of us.

Los Alamos