Let there be a town hall

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 would like to add my comments to the discussion about a name for our new municipal building. I liked Jeannette Wallace very much and had and have a great respect for her. She has certainly done a lot for this community and Northern New Mexico, and we should honor her name and accomplishments. However I strongly believe that the new building should simply be called town hall. When I look at just about all towns and cities I know in this country or in the country of my origin, the municipal buildings are invariably called town hall, city hall, or Rathaus in Germany. The Rathaus of Aachen, where I went to school, is about 700 years old and still called Rathaus.
I think you should consider the importance of a well understood name like town hall that the townspeople still easily understand hundreds of years from today and that visitors or newcomers instantly recognize. Name giving is a temporary indulgence that does not concern itself with the future. There are already buildings in Los Alamos that have names that few people remember, to witness the Larry Walkup Aquatic Center, where I swim regularly. I do not believe that today’s kids who frequent the pool have any idea who Walkup was. They simply go to the “pool” or sometimes “downtown pool.”
I hope that my comments help in the name selection process. We should not forget that today’s memories fade fast and there is a long future before us. I strongly believe we should remember Jeannette Wallace, which we can easily accomplish by displaying a plaque in her honor prominently in the entrance hall of the new town ahll.

Jorg Jansen
Los Alamos