"Let Me In" alert

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Wrong Web address given in previous story

By Roger Snodgrass

On Oct. 27, the Monitor printed a photograph about a casting call for the movie “Let Me In.” In the information included with the picture, an incorrect Web site address was listed for people who were unable to participate in the casting call. That information was then picked up and passed along to other points of distribution, amplifying an error in the Web address.  The correct address is www.egcasting.com, for Elizabeth Gable Productions. (The incorrect address that was printed was www.cgcasting.com.)

An announcement entitled “Correction,” appeared in the paper on Tuesday with the correct address.

Subsequently, it came to our attention that the incorrect address is a live website hosted by another casting company, Charlie Green Casting. Additionally, with a little exploration within that site a visitor could arrive at a web page where registering as talent or setting up an account calls for personal information, including the person’s social security number, as “required” information, with spaces for other optional information, including date of birth, sex and phone numbers and addresses.

This risk to sensitive personal information has been of concern to parents, the schools, other sources of information and the Monitor.

Kelly Stewart, a marketing specialist with Los Alamos County said in an E-mail Thursday that she has researched Charlie Green Casting, based on the

information on the Web site and notes a P.O. Box address in Shreveport, La, provided under a Privacy Policy link.

Efforts continue to contact the owner of the Charlie Green Web site and solicit her cooperation to delete any personal information obtained by mistake. Other steps may be taken as well.

Meanwhile, the real casting director, Elizabeth Gable said about

30 kids have signed up on her site since the original casting call and that she is still looking for talent.