Let’s put traffic calming ideas to 30-day test run

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I would like to thank the writers in Thursday night’s Monitor, voicing opposition to the “favored” options for the Trinity project.
It seems obvious that the options A1 and A2 would be a disaster for commuters, shoppers and those wanting to travel from Los Alamos National Laboratory to the town site during noontime.
Clearly traffic will be slowed to the lowest common denominator and gridlock will likely ensue morning, noon, and early evening. Commuters will, in all likelihood, avoid Trinity like the plague.
The proposed Trinity development project will clearly be affected, and the hope of capturing any of the commuters traveling off the hill each night will probably be greatly diminished.  
The few remaining businesses in town have struggled for years to retain shoppers, why hurt them with these misguided ideas.
If the models that tout quicker travel times are correct, why was Diamond Drive so backed up during reconstruction when reduced to two lanes?
Has anyone made a query to the businesses in town if their sales slowed during the Diamond reconstruction due to loss of noontime traffic?
If there is an emergency response to the Eastern areas needed at peak times, good luck to those needing the services.
Do the models take into account the slower driver, the traffic accident, diversions for road maintenance that constantly occur and bad weather conditions?   
If one really wants a real world test instead of a model predicting traffic flow; I propose that for one month two lanes of Trinity be blocked off from traffic over the full length of the proposed changes and observe the effect on traffic patterns and business.
Calming? Hardly.

Jeffrey Roberts
Los Alamos


Trial run: good idea

I've been thinking similarly about a trial run. I'd add one other feature: businesses along Trinity should watch their bottom line to see if the experiment helps (as the proponents of these modifications claim) or hurts their business.

My bet is that the trial run would only last less than a week before the screaming got so loud that it had to be canceled.

Please take a look at the NM502 information on my website at www.wcmead.org

William Mead