Leisure pool could benefit everyone

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I have to agree with Robert Visel that the “property taxes in this town are ridiculous” — they average about 60 percent per housing unit of the rate in Livermore and 25 percent or less of other places that a Los Alamos resident is likely to move to (almost anywhere else in California, Massachusetts, New York; see http://www.city-data.com/zips/.
By all means, let’s vote against raising taxes for the leisure pool addition to the “blue whale” — who cares about the swim meets and associated business that the pool has already brought to town and who needs to make this place even  more attractive to visitors, raising business income and gross receipts taxes? True that might allow our sales tax rate to be lowered, increase the availability of goods in town, provide facilities for residents and visitors that private industry seems unable to manage, but property taxes! That’s what we must narrowly focus on.
To be clear, I should admit to a few slight disagreements with Mr. Visel — I don’t favor restricting voting to only property owners — isn’t that un-American (at least for the last century or so)? I do think that renters can benefit from the leisure pool addition as much as, or perhaps even more than landowners, and they so might well vote for it, even if it does cost them a little more to live here. And I think we could make Los Alamos (White Rock, too!) an even better place to live and to visit if we could wisely invest the funds from a considerably higher property tax rate in more and better infrastructure.

Terry Goldman
Los Alamos