Legislators must make hard votes

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I’m becoming disturbed by disingenuous rhetoric from Rep. Jeannette Wallace’s campaign. Wallace has been campaigning for re-election by complaining about the budget increases over the past eight years. What Wallace isn’t telling people is that she has voted for almost all those budget increases.
Also, during the special session last October to deal with the budget crisis, Wallace disappeared when it was time to vote on difficult cuts. A quick search of the legislative record shows she was in committee that day, but 10 minutes after the committee adjourned to go to the House chambers to vote on the budget cuts, Wallace disappeared. I don’t know if she left the building, but I do know she chose not to make this hard vote. Why?
Our legislators have to make difficult choices but that’s why we elect them. If Wallace isn’t willing to do so, then we need to replace her.

Judy McKenzie
Los Alamos