Learned to be prepared

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By The Staff

Saturday, a variety of community agencies are assembling to educate the community on what Boy Scouts have known for decades, how to be prepared. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in White Rock, will host its first annual Preparedness Fair under the coordination of church member Stacey Gartz.

“We will have a series of exhibits and classes in the cultural hall of the church offered by our community’s best resources for getting your family prepared now and for the future,” said Gartz.

Organizations ranging from the Local Emergency Planning Committee, the Los Alamos Police Department, University New Mexico-Los Alamos, American Red Cross, Family Strengths Network, Fire Department, Community Health Council, Los Alamos National Bank and Boy Scout Troup 422, will all be on hand to demonstrate their best efforts on what it takes to be ready for any event.

Educational opportunities for the day will include the fingerprinting of children, the assembly of 72-hour kits and how to look at preparedness from a financial standpoint.

Donations of emergency preparedness items will also be collected to assemble go kits for needy seniors in the area. The items most desired include; non-perishable food, water, first aid items, batteries and flashlights, which will be assembled by Community Health Council staff and distributed to frail and needy seniors.

“There will also be a display teaching the most current techniques in first aid and emergency situations,” said Gartz.

Local Emergency Manager Phil Taylor will be offering a class at 1 p.m. about how to assemble a family’s 72-hour-emergency kit and answer any questions residents might have about county emergency and evacuation plans.

The LDS Relief Society will hold a class at 2 p.m., to showcase the importance of food storage and answer some commonly asked questions such as; how much food should families store? How is food stored? How can people shop wisely for food storage?

There will be lots of games and activities for all ages to encourage family participation. The church is located in White Rock at 366 Grand Canyon and questions can be directed to the office at 672-9888.