Learn more about behaviors in dementia Thursday

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By The Staff

Dr. Lena Smith will speak at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Bradbury Science Museum for the next installment of its Alzheimer’s series. “Managing Difficult Behaviors in Dementia,” is the title of her presentation.

One of the most difficult aspects of dementia is with managing the behaviors associated with moderate and later stages of the disease.

Although both physical needs and behavioral disturbances tend to increase as the dementia progresses, it is behavior that causes caregivers the most difficulty. Professional caregivers, family caregivers, and clinicians all benefit from learning creative strategies to managing these behaviors that are all too common in dementia.

“I am committed to educating family members, practitioners, and the general public that there is quality of life available to persons with dementia,” Smith said.

A combination of positive care approaches, specialized environments, and appropriate use of medications, families can continue to enjoy quality relationships with persons affected by dementia.

Smith’s presentation will address why older individuals with declining cognitive status may behave the way they do.

She will also present new best practices in the daily management of difficult behaviors such as wandering, packing, aggressiveness, and apathy.

The work discussed provides a model of care by which caregivers in any situation may better evaluate the unmet needs of persons with dementia.

The strategies she presents are based on evidenced-based researched practices that have been identified for persons with advancing dementias.

The presentation will also discuss medications, care philosophies and care approaches. To learn more, call Pauline Powell Schneider at the Betty Ehart Senior Center at 662-8920.