Learn and go vote!

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

Truth is the first casualty of war and political campaigns. Unlike consumer product advertisements, there are no laws protecting voters from false advertising in political ads.

A politician can flat-out lie and the media are required by law to broadcast or publish it. We can no longer rely on the media to check and hold politicians accountable for their claims.

Much of the media have their own interests and the voters and the truth are not always a priority.  

If the truth is something you care about in this election, I strongly recommend the web site FactCheck.org. It is a site run by the Annenberg Policy Center out of the University of Pennsylvania and is being referenced more and more by the campaigns and the media.

It is nonpartisan, nonprofit, and accepts no funds from any political organization or corporation. Its sole purpose is to reveal the truth behind claims by politicians of all parties. If you choose to visit this site, I recommend reading through all the articles.

Avoid the tendency to pick and choose based on your current leaning toward a particular candidate.

If you are interested in how the candidates feel about science and technology, check out sciencedebate2008.com. This is an organization that was created to try and bring the debate on science and technology issues to the forefront of this year’s campaign.

It is supported by over 175 major science and technology organizations and universities as well as over 125 million concerned citizens.

Two other useful sites for checking facts are opensecrets.org and votesmart.org.

Before casting your vote this November you should check to see if the reasons you are for or against a candidate are based on truth or deception. You may be surprised.

If you care about our country and future, check the facts and VOTE!

Steven Storms

White Rock