Learn about photo processing with the LAAUG

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Group: The first meeting will be Tuesday at the Art Center

By Jennifer Garcia

For several years, the Los Alamos Photography Club has offered a place for photography enthusiasts to not only learn more about photo techniques, but to also hone their skills.  
Now, there’s another group that will help photographers take the next step and learn about Adobe products and digital photo processing. The Adobe Users Group, founded by Doug Coombs and Kenneth Hanson, will focus on the program Adobe Lightroom, as well as Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop elements.
The group is currently accepting new members and will meet from 7-9 p.m. at the Fuller Lodge Art Center, the first Tuesday of every month, with the first meeting scheduled for Nov. 6. There is no charge to join the group.
Coombs said putting the group together is a joint effort between the Los Alamos Photography Club and the Los Alamos Adobe Users Group.
Although the two groups focus on photography and photo techniques, Coombs wants everyone to know that they are separate.
“The (photo) club is more software agnostic. We focus on how to do photos and print photos,” Coombs said. Despite the fact that his time will now be divided amongst the two groups, he said that the photo club still intends to host the annual photo show.
He said the Adobe Users Group will be more of a tutorial. They plan to show some videos that were put together by Adobe and discuss them.
“We’ll start from the beginning. We’ll start at a lower level,” Coombs said. “We see it as being very interactive. We’ll ask members for input and we may do workshops. The topics will probably get more advanced as we move along.”
Despite the fact that attendees can drop in and out of the group, Hanson stressed the importance of attending the group meetings regularly, beginning with the first one.
“It will be different for a beginner to come in much later,” he said.
Coombs agreed, saying that the topics will be fairly advanced for a beginner, as the group continues to meet.
“If you’re familiar with the tools, you can pick it up,” Hanson said. “There are interactive tools and videos that will help people understand what we’re doing.”
He said the group will cover a great variety of products for Adobe software that will let people do special effects on their photos.
Coombs said they will also show participants how to publish to the web using Lightroom.
Those interested in attending the first meeting should send an email to Coombs at dfcoombs@gmail.com or to Hanson at kmh@hansonhub.com. The group is open to all.